The end.


Please remove this journal from your friends list. It will no longer be updated, and is for personal reference only.


This journal is friends only.

Just comment, and I'll add you. Come on, don't be shy.

Update (7/14/03): I did a pretty big list clean-up today. Mostly old journals that were no longer updated, but also a lot of ones that were. I've changed a lot since I began writing in this journal and I removed some people I felt I didn't have very much in common with. It was nothing personal, you guys rock, but I was just filtering through too many entries, and I had to get rid of a few people.

If you want me to consider adding you again, leave me a comment. No promises, but if you really feel as if you were unfairly deleted, let me know.

I wish all of you good luck in your future. I'm sorry.

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